"Light gives birth to color and color brightens all of our lives"

Roberta Dunn is a visual artist  who was born in Iowa but spent  her childhood years in the southwestern part of the United States.  Her family moved to Florida while she was still in high school.  She has claimed Florida as her only true home for most of her life.   Roberta has been part of the Desoto Arts & Humanities Council and the Florida Keys Art Council.   She is  a self taught artist for the most part with the exception of her father and mother's influence and training in photography and oil painting. Both of her parents were successful commercial artists.  She took up photography and made a living doing portrait work for over 10 years.  But photography was not her passion.    Drawing , painting and creating designs  and working with a variety of surfaces and materials are now her focus .  In recent years she has designed and published two adult coloring books that are now sold on Amazon.

Creating   something with my own two hands out of sheer inspiration is so fulfilling and energizing.


Faces and flowers are the main subject matter of most of my pieces.  The many years spent looking at faces through the camera lens apparently made a lasting impression on me.  Faces are most interesting and I feel very satisfied as an artist being able to capture the character in each face that I draw or paint.  Flowers are the "faces" of plants in my opinion.   I always wanted to grow a beautiful flower garden.  Unfortunately,  I was not gifted with a green thumb.   Thus,  I draw and paint them.  And they stay alive forever on the canvas or paper. 

In 2015  I decided to start putting together some  line drawings and ended up self publishing two adult coloring books.    It was so much fun and I learned a lot along the way.   

Currently my focus is on creating mixed media  pieces incorporating   acrylics  and decoupage on canvas and also creating pieces on glass.