"Light gives birth to color and color brightens all of our lives"

Roberta Dunn is a visual artist and an ordained minister who loves to live free and fearless.  She has been part of the Desoto Arts & Humanities Council and the Florida Keys Art Council.  Roberta is a member of the Trinity United Methodist Church.  She received her  Bachelor of Theology in 2002 and she was awarded an honorary BFA degree in 2011 for her work with at-risk teens using the performing and fine arts as part of a rehabilitative program at the Arcadia Girls Academy in  Arcadia, Florida from 2001-2008.

Her art prints, coloring books and other products can also be found at Amazon, Fine Art America and Red Bubble.  

"God is our Creator and we were created in God's image, so we must be creative."




My passions in life are God, relationships and art. Creating and drawing designs  for my coloring books, art prints and home goods  make up most of my artwork these days.  The wave of the future seems to be iPad and Adobe app art for many designers, but my desire is to limit the use of  technology for primarily marketing and publishing purposes. That's why all of my designs are hand drawn by me and never created digitally.   Crafting something with real materials and my own two hands out of sheer inspiration is so fulfilling and energizing., and the final product has a personal feel and look to it instead of  cold digital perfection.

I am influenced by the  Art Nouveau, Art Deco , Cubism and Impressionism styles.  I enjoy   clean lines,  the exactness of geometry,  a cheerful decorative look and lots of color. These elements  carry me  into a more balanced and harmonious state of mind.  

Drawing and coloring have been like best friends to me for as long as I can remember.  Dealing with depression and anxiety throughout much of my life I realized that immersing myself into any creative activity had  a very  positive impact on my moods.   I remember as a child that coloring was always a calming and happy activity.   "So let's go color!", I would shout out to my sister and we would settle down with our favorite coloring books and a big box of Crayola crayons and just lose ourselves in coloring bliss.  Today I  still enjoy those calming and happy  feelings whenever I am creating a new design or just coloring a page for fun.