Coming Off Hold, Finally!

Oh yes, it has been over seven months since my last post. Crazy! Well, that is how it has felt anyhow. My hubby and I sold our home and moved out into the country and we are now raising laying hens. My chickens are my new babies. And the eggs are amazing! Much of my time in the last few months has been spent on redesigning our new place, helping with construction and trying to get our lives established in a new area of Florida. Oh, and by the way, redoing eight rooms and two bathrooms here. So how about the art??? Well…….that is what has been on hold. My new art studio just got drywall and floors and plumbing. Next is paint, then install lighting and shelving and then we begin setting it up and that is when I do my happy dance. My whole house is under renovation. So I know you all feel my pain. I did manage to find time to join a local coloring group that meets at the library every Friday here in Sebring, It was surprising that a small town would even have a coloring group. And it is a vibrant group of wonderful women who take coloring to a new level. I am impressed to say the least. People ask me if coloring is boring to me, since I’m an artist. No way! Coloring is just so stinking fun! And relaxing and stress free. Creating and crafting will always be a priority, but I will not forsake my coloring time. There are many opinions on whether coloring is actually therapeutic, but for me it definitely is. The Flower Power Book is on hold, also. I am currently looking for a new place to have it printed. I was not happy with the paper that Amazon’s publisher uses. It is okay for coloring with markers, but, pencils, paint and some pens do not work as well.

My new love is decoupage! This passion for decoupage on glass is ever growing in me. I just can’t wait to start cutting and gluing again. It seems that this new craft or medium or whatever you want to call it, pulls in every medium of art that I have ever used. Photography, prints of my paintings, drawings and coloring page designs are all incorporated into making a decoupage piece of art. Much of my new work will feature my original designs that are decoupaged onto glass items, such as plates, bowls and trays.

Back Home Again

It is such a joy to be back in my home art studio/office. We ended our trucking travels on January 10th.  The last 16 months have been yet another great adventure for my hubby and me, and a lot of fun and hard work. Time for this girl to enjoy her kitchen again and especially her own bathroom. I thank God for the angels that watched over us while we were out on that road 24/7 and for all the friends and family that faithfully prayed for us.  While on the road, I was able to finish some more designs for the next coloring book I will be getting published, hopefully by this summer.  This is the Flower Power book, subtitled, "A Grown Up Flowery Coloring Experience".  I am really excited about getting this one done.  There is such a learning curve in the process of making these coloring books, so it is challenging at times.  The process is what I truly love and of course enjoying the end result isn't too bad either.  My new , and I must say, most favorite medium for coloring is gel pens.   I love gel pens!!  The metallic ones and the regular Paper Mate Ink Joy brand are the ones that give me the best results. Most of my finished coloring pages are now multi media pieces.  I really enjoy using acrylic paints, gel pens and markers on one piece.  Using finished coloring pages for collage, and crafting is also taking up a lot of my attention these days.  

"Break A Leg" ....What a Dumb saying for good luck!

My new adventure to go on the truck with my hubby and to continue to design the remainder of the pages for my third adult coloring book while on the road,  stalled to a screeching halt on October 13, 2016.  A trip to go visit my kids and grand kids that live in Saint Paul, Minnesota had been planned prior to our decision to go live on our truck.  Unfortunately my beautiful visit ended with me falling down concrete steps and breaking my right leg and ankle and dislocating the three bones, which ultimately ended in reconstructive surgery where I have now have eight screws, two pins and a plate holding my ankle and leg in place.  My six day trip to see the kids turned into six weeks in Minnesota recovering from surgery.  In spite of the traumatic injury to my leg I had an opportunity to insure the best recovery and healing as I laid around in a beautiful hotel suite in Apple Valley, Minnesota and I was extremely blessed to have my family and friends care for me.   I will be forever grateful to the nurses and the surgeon who made sure that I would eventually walk again.  I told my husband, Richard, to stay on the truck and continue to run the freight so we could carry out our plan.  It has been a trying and very busy time these last few months but I am doing well now.  I went through physical therapy like a professional athlete in training.  All I wanted to do was get on that truck with my hubby and to walk again.  I was motivated!  And on December 21, 2016 I climbed up and into our big blue semi truck.  Hooray!!! We spent Christmas Eve in Queens New York.  And Christmas Day we were with our nine grand children that live in West Virginia.  On January 13th , Richard and I celebrated our birthdays(yes, we have the same birthday) in the Florida Keys with our kids and grand kids there.  Life is good!  God is Good!  And I am finally starting to feel some desire to create more designs and work on completing the Flower Power book.  

Thank you for all the prayers and encouraging words over these last months.  It made all the difference for me.  Love is the greatest healer.

You can see our weekly posts from the road on my Facebook page.

My Latest Adventure!

It is a bittersweet time for me as I leave my new friends in the Palm Beach area behind for awhile.  It has been great sharing and coloring with all of you and I will miss our time together.  I've always heard that when one door closes a new one opens.  Well, this time, I am deliberately closing a "door" so I can walk through a new one.  The LetsGoColor Meetup has been discontinued due to this new adventure.  It's not really a new adventure, but a new spin on an old one.  I own a trucking company and my husband and myself  negotiate freight and dispatch several semi trucks that pick up and deliver fresh and frozen food to all lower 48 states.  Years ago I learned to drive and we were team driving for about a year.  And I loved living and traveling in a big truck, and making money all the way.  My hubby is a veteran driver and has been on and off the road throughout his logistics career.  We both love the road, and decided it may be our last chance to do it we are going trucking and managing our other trucks from a micro office on board.  I will not be driving so that I will have time to manage trucks and work on my art.  The tiny office will transform into a micro studio area so I can continue to create my designs.  Everything is wireless and high tech, so I can self publish my coloring books from the truck.  And of course I will be able to work on my website and bring you news from the road.  What a marvelous day we live in.  

My newest work will be featured in my next adult coloring book that is tentatively titled, Flower Power, and subtitled, "A Grown Up Flowery Coloring Experience".  There are so many floral type coloring books, but I just love flowers and I think you will find some really enjoyable designs in this one.   I just finished the 33rd page and hope to complete 45-50 pages for this book.  


Our first LetsGoColor Meetup at Panera Bread in West Palm Beach was great!

Our group of seven amazing coloring Queens were all able to fit around one home style dinner table at Panera Bread last Monday night.  Panera has a coffee shop kind of atmosphere that makes you feel you can just hang out without  time limitations, unlike other restaurants.  The lighting was good, the food is always fresh, and the connections were real.  I believe everyone is in agreement that this is a place we can meet regularly and really enjoy ourselves.  We talked about our preferences when it came to types of markers and pencils.  One of the things I keep hearing from several members is the difficulty they have in choosing colors.  It was fun to share our ideas about color motifs and the types of coloring pages each of us likes. Thank God I remembered to bring the stained glass coloring books, because Vonnie and Maxine just love those.  I am working on a page from my new Art Deco Coloring Book.  Go to our Meetup site to see some of our finished work and some works still in progress.  We also had meaningful conversation about non coloring topics, as we all are getting to know each other better.  This is just our third meetup, so we are still just getting started, but I believe this is going to be a stable and vibrant group.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet new friends and share my love of coloring with other coloring enthusiasts.  See you all on September 26th for our next meetup and remember:

"Light gives birth to color, and color brightens all of our lives." ( I just made that up the other day, and I really think that is going to be our new motto at LetsGoColor )

LetsGoColor Meetups are a success!

So far we have had two LetsGoColor Meetups. The first one was July 25th and was held at Howley's in West Palm Beach, FL , which is my number one favorite diner!  Howley's has that hometown feel and a beautiful vibe that is hard to explain.  All the food is delicious and freshly prepared each day and there isn't even a microwave oven on the property.  The managers welcomed our meetup by making big posters and posting them weeks in advance and giving us a whole section for our group.  Eight members showed up and we had a blast.  For a brand new meetup, eight attendees is a great success. Two of the women colored bird drawings out of one of the stained glass coloring books I brought.  They were so excited about their coloring pages.   We stayed way later than scheduled and the restaurant was so accommodating. Our latest meetup was August 22nd at the Southern Kitchen in North Palm Beach, FL.  This place is like a "Cheers" hang out, except it's a diner not a bar.  The food is home cooking and the people are friendly.  This venue closes at 3pm so we had only a group of three because most members are working, but it was still fun and we had more time for the three of us to get to know each other better.   New connections and friendships are being formed as well as lots of feedback from members that is helping to develop our meetup into something wonderful and lasting.  When I first decided to organize the LetsGoColor Meetup, I was just hoping to connect with others that had the same passion that I had for coloring, and for coloring books.  The meetup is truly much more than that.  It seems to bring a joy to the venue where we meet, as well as bringing in new customers for them.  The meetup is also kindling new friendships and is a place for meaningful conversation as well as a time for coming up with new and creative ideas.  These wonderful people I am meeting with are truly inspiring me to keep connected with others in the community and helping me to stay focused on getting my next coloring book completed so it can go to publication.

If you wish to join our Meetup go to  and become a member. 

Our next LetsGoColor Meetup is scheduled for Monday, September 12th at Panera Bread in West Palm Beach, Florida. I can't wait!    

"Let's Go Color"

The adult coloring craze is steadily marching on into the summer of 2016 and I am ready for some coloring fun!  So, I decided to start a coloring meet-up.  I love to design and draw the pages for my coloring books, but I also love to color them.  My inner child always needs some recess from the studio work, and it's a great way to get my books out there to all of you colorists and collectors of coloring books.  There are three restaurants in the Palm Beach area that want to host the event and I am busy nailing the dates and making up announcement cards and fliers.  I will be bringing some of my free coloring pages for everyone and my books will be available for purchase.  Bring your supplies if you want and I will bring some extra colored pencils and markers also.  

. In the mean time, four of my paintings are currently being shown at Howley's July art show.  The show opens June 28th at 8pm and the art will stay up for at least a month. The owners and managers of this restaurant are super supportive of the local artists.  That is why I am choosing Howley's to hold my first Let's Go Color meet up.