My Latest Adventure!

It is a bittersweet time for me as I leave my new friends in the Palm Beach area behind for awhile.  It has been great sharing and coloring with all of you and I will miss our time together.  I've always heard that when one door closes a new one opens.  Well, this time, I am deliberately closing a "door" so I can walk through a new one.  The LetsGoColor Meetup has been discontinued due to this new adventure.  It's not really a new adventure, but a new spin on an old one.  I own a trucking company and my husband and myself  negotiate freight and dispatch several semi trucks that pick up and deliver fresh and frozen food to all lower 48 states.  Years ago I learned to drive and we were team driving for about a year.  And I loved living and traveling in a big truck, and making money all the way.  My hubby is a veteran driver and has been on and off the road throughout his logistics career.  We both love the road, and decided it may be our last chance to do it we are going trucking and managing our other trucks from a micro office on board.  I will not be driving so that I will have time to manage trucks and work on my art.  The tiny office will transform into a micro studio area so I can continue to create my designs.  Everything is wireless and high tech, so I can self publish my coloring books from the truck.  And of course I will be able to work on my website and bring you news from the road.  What a marvelous day we live in.  

My newest work will be featured in my next adult coloring book that is tentatively titled, Flower Power, and subtitled, "A Grown Up Flowery Coloring Experience".  There are so many floral type coloring books, but I just love flowers and I think you will find some really enjoyable designs in this one.   I just finished the 33rd page and hope to complete 45-50 pages for this book.