"Let's Go Color"

The adult coloring craze is steadily marching on into the summer of 2016 and I am ready for some coloring fun!  So, I decided to start a coloring meet-up.  I love to design and draw the pages for my coloring books, but I also love to color them.  My inner child always needs some recess from the studio work, and it's a great way to get my books out there to all of you colorists and collectors of coloring books.  There are three restaurants in the Palm Beach area that want to host the event and I am busy nailing the dates and making up announcement cards and fliers.  I will be bringing some of my free coloring pages for everyone and my books will be available for purchase.  Bring your supplies if you want and I will bring some extra colored pencils and markers also.  

. In the mean time, four of my paintings are currently being shown at Howley's July art show.  The show opens June 28th at 8pm and the art will stay up for at least a month. The owners and managers of this restaurant are super supportive of the local artists.  That is why I am choosing Howley's to hold my first Let's Go Color meet up.