LetsGoColor Meetups are a success!

So far we have had two LetsGoColor Meetups. The first one was July 25th and was held at Howley's in West Palm Beach, FL , which is my number one favorite diner!  Howley's has that hometown feel and a beautiful vibe that is hard to explain.  All the food is delicious and freshly prepared each day and there isn't even a microwave oven on the property.  The managers welcomed our meetup by making big posters and posting them weeks in advance and giving us a whole section for our group.  Eight members showed up and we had a blast.  For a brand new meetup, eight attendees is a great success. Two of the women colored bird drawings out of one of the stained glass coloring books I brought.  They were so excited about their coloring pages.   We stayed way later than scheduled and the restaurant was so accommodating. Our latest meetup was August 22nd at the Southern Kitchen in North Palm Beach, FL.  This place is like a "Cheers" hang out, except it's a diner not a bar.  The food is home cooking and the people are friendly.  This venue closes at 3pm so we had only a group of three because most members are working, but it was still fun and we had more time for the three of us to get to know each other better.   New connections and friendships are being formed as well as lots of feedback from members that is helping to develop our meetup into something wonderful and lasting.  When I first decided to organize the LetsGoColor Meetup, I was just hoping to connect with others that had the same passion that I had for coloring, and for coloring books.  The meetup is truly much more than that.  It seems to bring a joy to the venue where we meet, as well as bringing in new customers for them.  The meetup is also kindling new friendships and is a place for meaningful conversation as well as a time for coming up with new and creative ideas.  These wonderful people I am meeting with are truly inspiring me to keep connected with others in the community and helping me to stay focused on getting my next coloring book completed so it can go to publication.

If you wish to join our Meetup go to  meetup.com/Lets-Go-Color/  and become a member. 

Our next LetsGoColor Meetup is scheduled for Monday, September 12th at Panera Bread in West Palm Beach, Florida. I can't wait!