Our first LetsGoColor Meetup at Panera Bread in West Palm Beach was great!

Our group of seven amazing coloring Queens were all able to fit around one home style dinner table at Panera Bread last Monday night.  Panera has a coffee shop kind of atmosphere that makes you feel you can just hang out without  time limitations, unlike other restaurants.  The lighting was good, the food is always fresh, and the connections were real.  I believe everyone is in agreement that this is a place we can meet regularly and really enjoy ourselves.  We talked about our preferences when it came to types of markers and pencils.  One of the things I keep hearing from several members is the difficulty they have in choosing colors.  It was fun to share our ideas about color motifs and the types of coloring pages each of us likes. Thank God I remembered to bring the stained glass coloring books, because Vonnie and Maxine just love those.  I am working on a page from my new Art Deco Coloring Book.  Go to our Meetup site to see some of our finished work and some works still in progress.  We also had meaningful conversation about non coloring topics, as we all are getting to know each other better.  This is just our third meetup, so we are still just getting started, but I believe this is going to be a stable and vibrant group.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to meet new friends and share my love of coloring with other coloring enthusiasts.  See you all on September 26th for our next meetup and remember:

"Light gives birth to color, and color brightens all of our lives." ( I just made that up the other day, and I really think that is going to be our new motto at LetsGoColor )