"Break A Leg" ....What a Dumb saying for good luck!

My new adventure to go on the truck with my hubby and to continue to design the remainder of the pages for my third adult coloring book while on the road,  stalled to a screeching halt on October 13, 2016.  A trip to go visit my kids and grand kids that live in Saint Paul, Minnesota had been planned prior to our decision to go live on our truck.  Unfortunately my beautiful visit ended with me falling down concrete steps and breaking my right leg and ankle and dislocating the three bones, which ultimately ended in reconstructive surgery where I have now have eight screws, two pins and a plate holding my ankle and leg in place.  My six day trip to see the kids turned into six weeks in Minnesota recovering from surgery.  In spite of the traumatic injury to my leg I had an opportunity to insure the best recovery and healing as I laid around in a beautiful hotel suite in Apple Valley, Minnesota and I was extremely blessed to have my family and friends care for me.   I will be forever grateful to the nurses and the surgeon who made sure that I would eventually walk again.  I told my husband, Richard, to stay on the truck and continue to run the freight so we could carry out our plan.  It has been a trying and very busy time these last few months but I am doing well now.  I went through physical therapy like a professional athlete in training.  All I wanted to do was get on that truck with my hubby and to walk again.  I was motivated!  And on December 21, 2016 I climbed up and into our big blue semi truck.  Hooray!!! We spent Christmas Eve in Queens New York.  And Christmas Day we were with our nine grand children that live in West Virginia.  On January 13th , Richard and I celebrated our birthdays(yes, we have the same birthday) in the Florida Keys with our kids and grand kids there.  Life is good!  God is Good!  And I am finally starting to feel some desire to create more designs and work on completing the Flower Power book.  

Thank you for all the prayers and encouraging words over these last months.  It made all the difference for me.  Love is the greatest healer.

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