Coming Off Hold, Finally!

Oh yes, it has been over seven months since my last post. Crazy! Well, that is how it has felt anyhow. My hubby and I sold our home and moved out into the country and we are now raising laying hens. My chickens are my new babies. And the eggs are amazing! Much of my time in the last few months has been spent on redesigning our new place, helping with construction and trying to get our lives established in a new area of Florida. Oh, and by the way, redoing eight rooms and two bathrooms here. So how about the art??? Well…….that is what has been on hold. My new art studio just got drywall and floors and plumbing. Next is paint, then install lighting and shelving and then we begin setting it up and that is when I do my happy dance. My whole house is under renovation. So I know you all feel my pain. I did manage to find time to join a local coloring group that meets at the library every Friday here in Sebring, It was surprising that a small town would even have a coloring group. And it is a vibrant group of wonderful women who take coloring to a new level. I am impressed to say the least. People ask me if coloring is boring to me, since I’m an artist. No way! Coloring is just so stinking fun! And relaxing and stress free. Creating and crafting will always be a priority, but I will not forsake my coloring time. There are many opinions on whether coloring is actually therapeutic, but for me it definitely is. The Flower Power Book is on hold, also. I am currently looking for a new place to have it printed. I was not happy with the paper that Amazon’s publisher uses. It is okay for coloring with markers, but, pencils, paint and some pens do not work as well.

My new love is decoupage! This passion for decoupage on glass is ever growing in me. I just can’t wait to start cutting and gluing again. It seems that this new craft or medium or whatever you want to call it, pulls in every medium of art that I have ever used. Photography, prints of my paintings, drawings and coloring page designs are all incorporated into making a decoupage piece of art. Much of my new work will feature my original designs that are decoupaged onto glass items, such as plates, bowls and trays.